Monday, February 01, 2021

Two poems for RM Vaughan



Ten reasons why and why and where and back
in the days when your poems had the

longest titles, lists

of what could otherwise be im-
possible. Now, a list of news
you could not experience: how NASA

discovers evidence of water

on the sunlit surface of the moon; how
the stars might shine; the death

of Diane di Prima. I catch

the opening of her poem, “The Window”:
“you are my bread / and the hairline

noise / of my bones / you are almost
the sea”


I will not write you an obituary, it has been
but five days. It has been a week. It has been

the whole

of your life. Where are you? Now, they say
you’re found, and now. A tribute

of dazzling, knitted scarves. Today,
the longest day. Richard,

we love you. Please get up.


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