Saturday, February 13, 2021

periodicities : a journal of poetry and poetics

Recently on periodicities: a journal of poetry and poetics:
edited and lovingly maintained by rob mclennan,

new poetry by Pattie McCarthy, ryan fitzpatrick, lukas ray hall, Sarah MacDonell, Stephen Rood, Robert Hogg, Louis Cabri, John Barton, Tom Prime and Junie Désil ;

Primitive Information (the official periodicities podcast!): David Hadbawnik interviews Dale Martin Smith (#5) and discusses Diane di Prima with fellow former students Jenny Jo Wennlund and Sara Larsen (#4) ;

translations of poetry by Abbas Foroughi Bastami (1798-1857 AD) and Amir Khusrow Dehlavi (1253-1325 AD) (trans. Khashayar Mohammadi) ;

a residency report by Jennifer Horne ;

Notes from the Field by rob mclennan : Letter from Alta Vista [Ottawa]

Rita Sobral Campos and Isabel Sobral Campos on Sputnik & Fizzle ; Sarah Jean Grimm and Eric Amling on After Hours Editions ;

Stan Rogal on J. Michael Yates ;

Andrew Brezna writes on his above/ground press chapbook ; Amish Trivedi writes on his above/ground press chapbook ; Geoffrey Olsen writes on his above/ground press chapbook ;

reviews of new titles by Serge Agnessan (by Jérôme Melançon), Etel Adnan, Evan Kennedy and dao strom (by Patrick James Dunagan), Nico Vassilakis (by Andrew Brenza), Lisa Richter (by Kim Fahner), Ariel Francisco (by Julian Day), Adrienne Gruber (by Kim Fahner), Dena Igusti (by Genevieve Kaplan), Alice Burdick (by Carl Watts), Sylvie Bérard (by Jérôme Melançon), Dorothy Mahoney (by Kim Fahner), Pearl Pirie (by Kim Fahner) ;

Elee Kraljii Gardiner interviews Dara-Lyn Shrager ; Dani Spinosa interviews Marianne Holm Hansen ; Michael Sikkema interviews Gary Barwin ; Dani Spinosa interviews derek beaulieu ;

Charlotte Jung’s Feminist Reclaiming of Concrete by Amanda Earl ; a visual essay by David Hayward ; GLEAN: 34 MORE PRINT INSTANCES FROM THE FOREVER FILE by Edric Mesmer ;

numerous more entries in the virtual reading series! including videos by George Elliott Clarke, Tim Duffy, Sarah Venart, Joshua Beckman, Joshua Corey and Leesa Dean ;

new poetry by Louise Bak and Emily Brandt ; Ward Maxwell on Michael Dennis ; new reviews by Kim Fahner and Jérôme Melançon ; The Peasy Poet Manifesto: Release the Ultra Shine by Arisa White ;

and a reminder: periodicities is open to submissions of previously unpublished poetry-related reviews, interviews and essays. Please send submissions as .doc with author biography to periodicityjournal (at)

also seeking submissions on tribute pieces on Michael Dennis, RM Vaughan and Joe Blades ;

For the time being, submissions of previously unpublished poetry will be by solicitation-only, with the exception of translated works (which you should very much send along). And while this might be an extension of above/ground press, might this be the time to mention that you can still subscribe to the press' 28th year? Given I'm producing up to seventy chapbooks or so a year, it is a pretty good deal.

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