Wednesday, March 06, 2019

Three poems for LandLocked


Citations: acreage, poised to light. To disembark,
facts furled in clothing, summer sun and fields.

This shape was mostly paper,
held on either side

by land and whiteness, Hogback Ridge. I can’t keep track
of all the names.

A science fiction. The Oregon Trail a chaperone,
dusty named and bare.


Such faith, to amble westward.

A matter of perspective. What thirsty river, stirred.
The textual surface. Free state. When all of this

was done.

To reach, again, into the water. The sun,
a shadow. Such

a magnificent courier.


I have forgotten how to write. I related to blue
once all the colours had left. A question

of settlement. What do you mean

when you say North? Your Canadian neighbours,
bewildered. Thundersnow, the Polar Vortex. It looks

like home. We reach down into.

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