Thursday, May 07, 2020

periodicities : a journal of poetry and poetics

edited and lovingly maintained by rob mclennan
built as a curious extension of above/ground press

There has been an enormous amount of material posted at periodicities : a journal of poetry and poetics since lock-down began, the new online journal I founded pre-lockdown (and completely unrelated to lockdown). new material posts over the first few days of every month, so either follow along via twitter ( or facebook ( for updates!

periodicities is open to submissions of previously unpublished poetry-related reviews, interviews and essays. Please send submissions as .doc with author biography to

For the time being, submissions of previously unpublished poetry will be by solicitation-only, with the exception of translated works (which you should very much send along).

Be aware also: submissions are currently open for tributes to poets Peter Ganick and Joe Blades (see the folio on Ken Belford to get a sense of how those might look:

POSTED MATERIAL SO FAR INCLUDES: Dale Tracy : On Jenn Cole’s “Stepdancing the asinig (rocks) with pierogies” ; Dessa Bayrock : Razielle Aigen and the inside, the outside ; Phil Hall : Homage to Jamie Reid ; Henri Michaux : Five translations by Hugh Thomas ; Leah Horlick : Two poems ; Michael Sikkema : An interview with Nate Logan ; Pam Brown : Notes from the Field : Sydney, Australia ; Kim Fahner : We Shed Our Skin Like Dynamite, by Conyer Clayton ; Russell Carisse : this mud, a word, by Simon Brown ; Rosmarie Waldrop : A COMPLICATION OF GRAVITY ; Razielle Aigen : LIGHT WAVES THE LEAVES, poems by Razielle Aigen ; Jérôme Melançon : Port of Being, by Shazia Hafiz Ramji ; rob mclennan : An interview with George Stanley ; Amanda Earl : AngelHousePress: from ragged edges to advocacy ; Genevieve Kaplan : a ringing, by Melanie Noel ; emilie kneifel : ekphrasis ; Lance La Rocque : Four poems ; Devon Marsh : Generating Verse ; Melissa Eleftherion : nonlinear, with hot plate ; Khashayar Mohammadi : These are not the potatoes of my youth, by Matthew Walsh ; Wren Hanks : Three poems ; Anthony Etherin : Thaumaturgy, by Anthony Etherin ; Dessa Bayrock : Conyer Clayton and the Voice of Apocalypse ; Kim Fahner : Notes from the Field : Northern Ontario ; Kate Siklosi : Writing & Witnessing & Loving in Covidian Times ; Amanda Earl : The Dysgraphxst, a poem by Canisia Lubrin ; Adrienne Fitzpatrick : Ken Belford ; Fred Wah : Ken Belford ; Elee Kraljii Gardiner : Thinking about Ken Belford ; Donna Kane : Ken Belford ; Larissa Lai : A few words to remember Ken Belford ; Rob Budde : A letter to Ken Belford ; Rita Wong: Ken Belford ; Michael Turner : Five poems ; Adam Mohamed : Strategies of the Pre-Aesthetic in Shelly Harder’s remnants ; Sacha Archer : Simulacrum Press: Intention & Chance ; Shazia Hafiz Ramji : Poetry Is Where My Heart Lives: An Interview with Francine Cunningham ; Amy Parkes : One poem ; Heather Sweeney : New Sutras, by Suzanne Stein ; Michael Sikkema : An interview with Jennifer MacBain-Stephens ; K.B. Thors : Three poems ; Klara du Plessis : DEEP CURATION FACTORY LECTURE SERIES, VERSEFEST, 30 MARCH 2019 ; Julian Day: Unlucky Fours, by Ellen Chang-Richardson ; D.A. Lockhart : The Algonquin Park Experiments, by Brittany Renaud ; George Stanley : Four poems ;

as well as one hundred videos of contemporary poets reading from their work as part of the virtual reading series, a series of video recordings of contemporary poets reading from their work, prompted by the Covid-19 pandemic and subsequent cancellations, shut-downs and isolations; a reading series you can enjoy in the safety of your own protected space; including: Nicole Raziya Fong, Julie Joosten, Joanna Lilley, Jules Arita Koostachin, Sarah Ens, Rob Manery, Eléna Rivera, Beatriz Hausner, Peter Midgley, Lydia Unsworth, Shaindel Beers, Mari-Lou Rowley, Grant Loveys, Amanda Deutch, Adrienne Gruber, Isabel Sobral Campos, Sommer Browning, Sonia Di Placido, Tunchai Redvers, Erin Emily Ann Vance, Carrie Olivia Adams, Cynthia Cruz, Wendy McGrath, Niina Pollari, Franklin Bruno, natalie hanna, Chris Banks, Kayla Czaga, David Koehn, Melissa Eleftherion, Noah Eli Gordon, Arielle Greenberg, Jean Marc Ah-Sen, Fiona Tinwei Lam, Eleonore Schönmaier, Julia Polyck-O’Neill, Aaron Tucker, Claire Kelly, Su Croll, Jacob McArthur Mooney, Kim Fahner, Claire Caldwell, Monty Reid + Curis Emery, Razielle Aigen, Fred Schmalz, Chris Nealon, Matthew Rohrer, Noelle Kocot (read by Matthew Rohrer), derek beaulieu, Orchid Tierney, Catriona Strang, Simon Brown, Laura K. McRae, Rebecca Rustin, Forrest Gander, Shane Rhodes, Johannes Göransson, Ellen Chang-Richardson, Megan Burns, Jacqueline Valencia, Sadiqa de Meijer, Heather Sweeney, Hailey Higdon, Emily Izsak, Adam Clay, émilie kneifel, Chris Johnson, Natalee Caple, Adeena Karasick, Pearl Pirie, Paul Brookes, Manahil Bandukwala, Margo LaPierre, Gil McElroy, Conyer Clayton, K.I. Press, Gary Barwin, IAN MARTIN, Amish Trivedi, Khashayar Mohammadi, Amanda Earl, Isabella Wang and rob mclennan.

BE NOT DISHEARTENED, MY GOOD PEOPLE! we will get through this,

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