Friday, May 01, 2020

Chaudiere Books : National Poetry Month 2020

In case you missed it, I've been curating poems for National Poetry Month over at the Chaudiere Books blog (there are other activities on the site apart from that, of course, including the weekly "Six Questions: series of interviews with current and former Ottawa-based writers), and this year had our seventh annual selection of poems, with a new piece posting every day. Isn't that exciting? See this year's list below, and prior lists here, if such intrigues. Enjoy!

2020: Lizzie Derksen ; Amish Trivedi ; Shannon Maguire ; nina jane drystek ; Hugh Thomas ; Jaime Forsythe ; Stan Rogal ; natalie hanna ; Stephen Collis ; Heather Sweeney ; Emily Izsak ; Mia Morgan ; David Ly ; Douglas Barbour ; Gillian Parrish ; Stuart Ross ; Kayla Czaga ; MLA Chernoff ; Sanita Fejzić ; Nikki Reimer ; Michael Edwards ; Lydia Unsworth ; Chris Banks ; Alina Stefanescu ; Annick MacAskill ; Amanda Earl ; Julian Day ; Ellen Chang-Richardson ; Margo LaPierre ; Dale Tracy ;

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