Wednesday, May 18, 2022

the book of smaller : now available!

my latest poetry collection, the book of smaller, is now available from the University of Calgary Press! hooray!

#25 in the "Brave and Brilliant" series over at the University of Calgary Press, which might also be my twenty-fifth (or so) full-length poetry collection (but who can keep track, really).

and a collaborative review has already appeared, writ by those brilliant and lovely people Kim Fahner, Margo LaPierre and Jérôme Melançon!

and did you see this interview with me that Lisa Fishman conducted, recently posted over at Court Green?

i do have copies of the book on-hand, if anyone is interested ; if such appeals, send $20 (via email or paypal to rob_mclennan (at) ; obviously adding $5 for postage for Canadian orders; for orders to the United States, add $11 (for anything beyond that, send me an email and we can figure out postage); for above/ground press subscribers, I'm basically already mailing you envelopes regularly, so I would only charge Canadians $3 for postage, and Americans $6 (that make sense?)

or: if you live close enough, I could simply drop a copy off in your mailbox (or you come by here, I suppose)

or you can order direct from the publisher! (that's really what you should be doing, yes?)

although I've heard that it isn't easy/possible to order into the United States from the publisher's link, so I'd offer (unfortunately) the link:

hooray books! and keep in mind I am very good at answering interview questions; if you wish for a media copy for potential review or interview, let me know and I can put you in touch with the publicist.

stay healthy out there,

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