Tuesday, September 26, 2017

my (small press) writing day : new essays + a submission call,

I’ve been curious for some time about The Guardian’s occasional feature “My Writing Day,” and thought it might be interesting to do a blog of the same, “for those of us who might never make it into The Guardian.”

[note: this isn’t a dig at The Guardian; I just thought it might be fun to play with the format]

So, like a fool, I
’ve started a new blog: my (small press) writing day.

Short essays have already appeared by Amish Trivedi, Colin Morton, rob mclennan, Sonia Saikaley, Amanda Earl, Jean Van Loon, Karl E. Jirgens, Lisa Pasold and Robert Martin Evans, with forthcoming pieces by Jennifer Pederson, Carla Hartsfield, Jason Christie, Eleni Zisimatos, Christian McPherson, Chris Johnson, Sacha Archer, Jared Schickling, Paul Carlucci, Gil McElroy and plenty more! And submissions are very welcome...

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