Friday, September 04, 2015

The Death of The Silver Snail (Ottawa) Comics = Comet Comics!

In case you haven't heard, Ottawa's Silver Snail Comics is closing any day now (apparently the parent store in Toronto decided they couldn't carry both), which is terrible to those of us who have been loyal customers for years.

Rose, by the by, was not only born on 'new comic day' (Wednesday), but has gone with me into the Snail nearly every Wednesday of her life since. What will we do with our Wednesdays now? Well, the staff of the Snail are opening up their own place. Check out their website! Go to their store (when it opens)! Rose and I will be there. As they write:
A new chapter begins soon at 1167 Bank Street!
COMET COMICS will feature the same great customer service, easy email hold program and simple special orders that you've come to expect. New weekly comics begin on October 7th and we'll have a selection of fine graphic novels and back issues on opening day (TBA)
We hope to see you there!

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