Saturday, September 26, 2015

bibliography of ottawa literary magazines and presses,

Given the recent appearance of bins of material in our household, thanks to John White donating a wealth of materials from his late mother's library (the Ottawa poet Jane Jordan), I've been prodded to, yet again, attempt to track a history of Ottawa literary magazines and presses, which I've been constructing here. The interviews I've been doing lately (with Colin Morton on Ouroboros and Blaine Marchand on Sparks) are part of the same project, with forthcoming interviews with b stephen harding on graffito: the poetry poster, and Victoria Vernell on Hook & Ladder magazine (with, hopefully, further interviews to come). Given how little most of this material has ever been discussed or tracked, and how quickly activity is forgotten, it seems important to acknowledge.

Cameron Anstee did a write-up of Ottawa poetry anthologies in 2014 also worth looking at, and Pearl Pirie put together a more recent list of Ottawa literary activity as well. Consider my ongoing list a work-in-progress, with updates/corrections/additions very welcome.

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