Saturday, August 19, 2017

Rachel B. Glaser, HAIRDO


they breathe it in and can’t think of anything else
an Unscented one takes on a metallic scent
they overwhelm themselves and want to run out
but last forever and slowly lose their minds

Northampton MA writer Rachel B. Glaser’s fourth book (and second poetry collection) is HAIRDO (The Song Cave, 2017), the oddest combination of surreal and straightforward lyric, composing a series of first-person explorations of self and the world. These are poems meant to be heard. Reflecting an occasionally dark and risqué humour, poems such as “TEENAGE GIRLS HOT FOR THE EIFFEL TOWER,” “THOSE WOMAN WOMAN MAN THREESOMES IN PORN” and “WHILE I WAS A TREMENDOUS TEENAGER, YOU WERE STILL READING THE UNAUTHORIZED BIOGRAPHY OF BOWSER” are composed through a bravado that shows the narrator as a force to be reckoned with. Neither easy, straightforward or safe, Glaser’s poems are forceful, insistent and wonderfully confident, unflinching even in her self-assessments or self-criticisms, and might just require to be read aloud, for the sake of understanding what it is she is doing, especially through poems that might appear to be writing out juvenile narratives of girls who love their guitar teachers, movies, parties and other essential ephemerae of youth. The end of the poem “WHILE I WAS A TREMENDOUS…” reads:

I couldn’t be bothered to read my fan mail
you were choosing a middle name for your rabbit
you were digesting yesterday’s strudel
pretending tic-tacs were illegal
putting your ear to a puddle
that’s why it’s hard for me to relate to you now
because I have a night club named after me
and you are still looking for your Lego’s head

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