Sunday, November 20, 2022

happy ninth birthday, dear rose!

So, this young lady, my brilliant middle daughter, turned nine today. How did that happen? 

Yesterday, a small birthday party gathering held at an escape room junior something-something in Barrhaven, before we landed at Build-a-Bear at Bayshore (for her requested Birthday Bear), which led to a sidebar of photos with Santa Claus, so that was a whole big day of birthday and adventuring. And I think the young ladies are off for a show today with Gran'pa and Teri?

She's enormously clever and confident, our young lady, with a great combination of ridiculous/sassy and poise, which might just make her more than a wee bit dangerous (which we are completely okay with, by the by). Fiercely loyal with a heart that feels everything, just be careful never to cross her (not recommended).

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