Saturday, December 09, 2017

basement update :

In case you missed my earlier post, we had some water in our basement just prior to Hallowe’en, immediately forced to strip our finished basement of everything—books, bookshelves, furniture, kid’s toys, closets and archive—for the sake of tearing out wet carpet. Bah. It has knocked out most of our attentions over the past month-plus, but at least, over the past week, the reconstruction has begun.

Coinciding with a couple of other matters we’ve discovered, or simply decided to finally deal with, we’ve had multiple workers through our house lately, from house movers to the handyman, Keith (who is working the reconstruction), to the window guy, the Ontario power saver guy (who checked our house for heat-leaks), the property assessment guy, the foundation guy and two different plumbers. Whew. Sometimes there would be two or even three people wandering around our wee house checking this or that or whatever (I just stay out of the way).

But this week, Keith has been putting in our brand-new floor, which makes us enormously happy.

Apparently we will have our basement back, but the whole project might not be complete (for a variety of reasons) until the end of January.

And did I mention everything that used to be in our basement is now in storage? Whether storage unit, Christine's office or our sunroom. Sigh.

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