Sunday, February 26, 2017

On beauty

Wake by 6am. Put the kettle on for toddler’s oatmeal, start coffee. Slip into the washroom, splash my face with water. Quickly dress. Kettle boils. Slip a bowl of oatmeal in front of eager toddler, check email, collect my newspaper from the front step. Coffee. A second bowl of oatmeal. Wife prepares herself for work, checks her phone, dresses, puts on makeup, interacts with now-fed toddler. I read my newspaper. She heads out to work. Gather toddler, change and dress him, offer his snow pants to begin the process of heading out. He dresses, slowly, allowing for another sip of coffee. I make a quick stop in the washroom, and brush teeth. Collect keys, adjust his snowsuit and boots. Collect his schoolbag and own coat, boots, before out the door by 8:45. This will be a good day. This will be a good day.

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