Sunday, September 23, 2018

father update : home

for the weekend, to see how he can manage. The past couple of weeks he's been at the hospital in Alexandria for rehab, moved out of Ottawa's Heart Institute. This is the first he's been home since the first week of June [see my June update on him here], following his heart surgery and subsequent recovery. There are workers currently putting a ramp in place at the front door, as well as completely gutting the bathroom, installing one of those bathtubs you can walk/step into. He has a walker, and doesn't think he'll be returning to what he could do prior to the surgery, but everyone seems optimistic about his eventual return home.

We went down to the farm yesterday to visit for the afternoon (leaving the house some twenty minutes after our power returned, having been out for seventeen or so hours). The children ran through the house, and Christine even learned how to use the gator.

He's lost a good amount of weight, which is a positive, but it also means he's had to forego (at least for now) his belt for the sake of suspenders. And with his longer (for him) hair and such, I thought him the spitting image of Ralph Waite (1928-2014) as John Walton (right?). Well, until my sister gave him a haircut.


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