Saturday, April 01, 2017

rob mclennan : author page,

Okay, so i decided for some reason to be a "real author on the internet" (or whatever) and have now constructed myself a website, now known as ROB MCLENNAN'S AUTHOR PAGE (impressive, I know), in which its far easier to see links to purchase books, see lists of publications, links to poems, fiction, essays and such, with an overly long bio with a hundred billion links (and photos! so many photos). The whole mess of links on the sidebar of this thing just seemed unwieldly, and I'm not entirely sure if it ever accomplished anything (especially given that the focus of this blog has always been reviews, interviews and the like, and less so "rob as author," etcetera). I am reducing the sidebar on this page for the sake of this new website (I've added links to same immediately above, as well).

One hopes that from now on, at least, everything will be clear...

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