Saturday, May 24, 2014

Acceptance Speech: [poem]

I have two new poems in the first issue of Touch the Donkey, alongside work by Gil McElroy, Eric Baus, Hailey Higdon, Rachel Moritz, Elizabeth Robinson, Norma Cole, Pattie McCarthy and Camille Martin. Here is one of my two:

Acceptance Speech:

    I love the ology of clouds
        Mary Ruefle, Trances of the Blast

Disorient, a shape. Cohere. What matters would be, antibodies. Truth. I want this, ambivalence. Branches: allusions wrestle, wing. Says one: forbid, thoroughly. What would have been excluded. Coiled, hammer, anvil. Reluctant patterns, boundary. Says one: we dismantle, endlessly thorough. Biopsy: linguistic. I am not ambition: all my roads repeat, interior, repeat. Winning. Snow-branch weight a study, low to ground. This brutal, excessive heat.

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