Thursday, February 27, 2014

Poetry Connection, curated by Fred Wah,

During his tenure as Parliamentary Poet Laureate, Vancouver poet Fred Wah curated a video series of twenty-one poets for the sake of teaching contemporary Canadian poetry to high school students. The videos and accompanying write-ups are now online, including one with my very own self, reading two poems from Songs for little sleep, (2012) off the back deck of our former Centretown apartment. Check out the entire series, below:
Poetry Connection
Link Up with Canadian Poetry

“One of my projects as Canada’s Parliamentary Poet Laureate is to produce a series of short videos to help make contemporary Canadian poetry more accessible. These recordings illustrate a range of poetry that reflects the identity, places and modes of poetic writing in Canada.” – Fred Wah

Visit Poetry Connection on YouTube to view the Poet Laureate’s video series, and download the PDFs below to learn more about the featured poets and their work. The PDF files also include the text of the poems, as well as discussion topics and writing ideas.

Aisha Sasha John
Annharte Baker
Christian Bök
Colin Smith
Daphne Marlatt
Darren Wershler
Douglas Barbour
Fred Wah
Gail Scott
George Bowering
Jay MillAr
Joanne Arnott
JR Carpenter
Meredith Quartermain
Oana Avasilichioaei
Rita Wong and Larissa Lai
rob mclennan
Roy Miki
Sina Queyras
Steven Ross Smith
Stuart Ross

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