Wednesday, September 16, 2009

fwd; Michael Turner on the 1963 Poetry Conference, Vancouver

Hi fellow poets and enthusiasts of poetry & poetics.
Below is a link to a blog by a current Vancouverite, Michael Turner, containing a precis of a panel discussion on the 1963 Poetry conference which was held at the Harbourfont campus of Simon Fraser in August this year. Ten poets who had been in Vancouver back then attended the gathering to share views in the afternoon, and read some poems in the evening. Rob McTavish who did a film on John Newlove has filmed many hours with individuals who were at the original 3 week event and is creating a movie to commemorate the events back then when Olson, Creeley, Duncan, Ginsberg, Avison, Levertov, and Phil Whalen inducted those of us who were younger into the Mysteries of Poetry. The recent event was co-chaired by Stephen Collis and Rob McTavish. I hope you find it interesting.

Be fine all, bob hogg

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Conrad DiDiodato said...


when the Americans inducted us all into the mysteries of poetry! Are you kidding??

Ever wondered why we ever thought we couldn't do it without them?

We've got a long way to go, my friend.