Friday, October 12, 2018

above/ground press: 2019 subscriptions now available!

TWENTY-SIX YEARS! The race to the half-century begins. And with NINE HUNDRED TITLES produced so far, there's been a ton of above/ground press activity over the past year, including some FIFTY CHAPBOOKS (so far) produced in 2018 alone (including titles by rob mclennan (two!), Sara Renee Marshall (two!), Mark Laliberte, Lisa Rawn, Sean Braune (two!), Michael Martin Shea, Melissa Eleftherion, Ian Dreiblatt, Uxío Novoneyra (trans. Erín Moure), Stephen Brockwell, Phil Hall / Stuart Kinmond, Billy Mavreas, Stuart Ross, natalie hanna, Miguel E. Ortiz Rodríguez, Natalee Caple, Julia Polyck-O'Neill, Jason Christie, Travis Sharp, Beth Ayer, Jon Boisvert, Jenna Jarvis, Lise Downe, Allison Cardon, Lea Graham, Tim Atkins, Gregory Betts + Arnold McBay, Amanda Earl, Derek Beaulieu, Aaron Tucker, Dani Spinosa, Andrew Wessels, Marthe Reed, Kate Siklosi, Edward Smallfield, Amish Trivedi, Steve McCaffery, Gary Barwin and Tom Prime, Gary Barwin and Alice Burdick, Stephanie Gray, Alice Notley, Stan Rogal, Rachel Mindell, Eleni Zisimatos, Adrienne Gruber, Andrew Cantrell, kevin martins mcpherson eckhoff and Anna Gurton-Wachter, all of which are still in print), to The Factory Reading Series and the poetry journal Touch the Donkey (included as part of the above/ground press subscription!). And have you been reading the 25th anniversary essays on above/ground press being posted throughout the year? Just what else might happen? Forthcoming items include works by Franco Cortese, Heather Sweeney, Ralph Kolewe, Ben Meyerson, Isabel Sobral Campos, Mary Kasimor, Andrew K Peterson, Virginia Konchan, Evan Gray, Joshua Collis, Megan Kaminski, Sacha Archer, Sandra Ridley, Jamie Townsend, Jennifer Stella, MC Hyland, Sarah Mangold, Cole Swensen and Dennis Cooley as well as a whole slew of publications that haven't even been decided on yet. AND A NEW JOURNAL I'VE STARTED FOR SOME REASON! WHAT!

And 20th anniversary reissues of titles by Gil McElroy and John Newlove are already scheduled for 2019! Gah!

2019 annual subscriptions (and resubscriptions) are now available: $65 (CAN; American subscribers, $65 US; $90 international) for everything above/ground press makes from the moment you subscribe through to the end of 2019, including chapbooks, broadsheets, The Peter F. Yacht Club and G U E S T and Touch the Donkey (have you been keeping track of the dozens of interviews posted to the Touch the Donkey site?).

Anyone who subscribes on or by November 1st will also receive the last above/ground press package (or two) of 2018, including those exciting new titles by all of those folk listed above, plus whatever else the press happens to produce before the turn of the new year, as well as Touch the Donkey #19 (scheduled to release on October 15), a journal that already turns five years old in 2019!

Why wait? You can either send a cheque (payable to rob mclennan) to 2423 Alta Vista Drive, Ottawa, Ontario K1H 7M9, or send money via PayPal or e-transfer to rob_mclennan (at)

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