Saturday, November 15, 2014

fw: a poetry project from brenda liefso:

I've been thinking about how to get readers and writers of poetry more connected and engaged for a while now, but recently, this essay from a GG nominated poet sparked me into action:

So, I've begun matching poets with readers, and it works like this: The poet sends a poem to the reader via Canada Post using lovely stationary, a coconut, whatever they so wish, and the reader responds with apoem in kind, or a prose letter, or an art piece. That's it -- the reader/writer can choose if they would like to keep corresponding after that.

I'd love for this to become a funded project, and will work on it, but for now, it's just for connection and for joy. I would also love for the poet and reader to let me know what it meant for them.

So, if you are interested in being either a poet or a reader/responder in this project, please email me your address and whether you'd like to be a poet or a reader at OR send me a note with your name and address and preference as to poet/reader to:

Brenda Leifso
487 King St W
Kingston, ON
K7L 2X7.

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