Thursday, July 25, 2013

On Writing : an occasional series

Back in April, I happened to catch (thanks to Sarah Mangold) the website for the NPM Daily, and absolutely loved the short essays presented on a variety of subjects surrounding the nebulous idea of “on writing.” I would highly recommend you wander through the site to see the pieces posted there.

Inspired by those pieces, I decided to curate an occasional series of the same over at the ottawa poetry newsletter, and have since posted five short essays by Ottawa writers on the nebulous subject of “On writing,” with a new essay scheduled to appear every week or so. Given the nature of the ottawa poetry newsletter, I’ve been focusing on poets who are either current or former residents of the City of Ottawa, but am open to considering further pieces. Over the next couple of weeks, watch for new essays in the series by Faizel Deen, Pearl Pirie and Colin Morton.

Here are links to the first five, already posted:

On Writing #5 : Who knew?
Michael Dennis

On Writing #4 : On Process
Michael Blouin

On Writing #3 : On writing (and not writing)
rob mclennan

On Writing #2 : Community
Amanda Earl

On Writing #1 : A little less inspiration, please

(Or, What ever happened to patrons, anyway?)
Anita Dolman

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