Sunday, July 21, 2013

fwd: Purdy Picnic--and special offer for Purdy fans and collectors

From Jean Baird, and The Al Purdy A-Frame Association:
Two short items.

1. Reminder: Saturday July 27 is the First Annual Al Purdy Picnic at the A-frame.

2. Eurithe Purdy has decided to live permanently in Belleville. She spent the spring on the west coast clearing out the house and putting it up for sale. She has given me a few treasures that I will be offering to our supporters (and those not lucky enough to be able to attend The Al Purdy Show and get in on that auction). Here is the first item:

No One Else is Lawrence by Doug Beardsley and Al Purdy.
Al was a huge D. H. Lawrence fan. On page 32 of The Al Purdy A-frame Anthology you can see a photograph of the bust of Lawrence that for many years was in Al's writing room at the A-frame, and eventually had a position on his bedside table. If you mentioned Lawrence to Al you had to be prepared for a conversation that would last for hours.

No One Else is Lawrence is exactly that, a conversation. Al sat down with fellow poet Doug Beardsley and over their favourite libations at Victoria's Waddling Dog pub, they chose a dozen of Lawrence's very best poems and discussed just why they thought this work outstanding. The result is a brilliant example of how to discuss and explore poetry.

Al took 26 of the Harbour soft cover and had them bound, teal with gold lettering. Each copy was numbered and signed by Al and Doug Beardsley, Al is co-author of the book. This is copy #26 of 26.

As well as the book you will also receive a 9" x 6" portrait of Al taken at the A-frame in 1965 by John Jeeves (page 62-63 of The Al Purdy A-frame Anthology) and the photograph that we have dubbed Canadian Gothic of Al and Eurithe at the A-frame

There is only one, so if you are a Purdy fan and collector, act quickly.


Best of the summer to you all,


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