Monday, November 26, 2012 1-8 (2002-2007), the poetics journal edited by Stephen Brockwell and rob mclennan is back online,

Edited by rob mclennan and Stephen Brockwell, disappeared from the internet for a short time, but now has a permanent home off the ottawater site. A precursor to seventeen seconds: a journal of poetry and poetics, worked to engage a dialogue between different styles, geographies and tastes.

issue 1 Table of Contents
Sweet Poetry or Mystery Meat
by David McGimpsey

by nathalie stephens
That Bastard Ghazal
by Andy Weaver

Two Sides of American Poetry at the Millennium
a review of recent work by Rachel Loden and Wendy Battin
by Colin Morton

Between Two Bowls of Milk or downstream from The Richard Brautigan Ahhhhhhhh
a conversation between Stephanie Bolster and rob mclennan

issue 2 Table of Contents
Blackening English: The Polyphonic Poetics of George Elliott Clarke
by Jon Paul Fiorentino

What's Love Got To Do With It?: two Margaret Christakos poetry collections, & Excessive Love Prostheses
by rob mclennan

(The Function & Field) Of Speech & Language
by Gil McElroy

Notes on Andy Weaver's "Three Ghazals to the constellation Corvus (The Crow)"
by rob mclennan

Spontaneous Speech Maps: A Discussion on Poetics
between Ken Norris and Stephen Brockwell

issue 3 Table of Contents
STOP AND GO TO SLOW: a Conversation with Stephen Cain
by rob mclennan

Trailing Nadja: On Writing I Nadja, and Other Poems
by Susan Elmslie

Talking about Collaboration
by Douglas Barbour and Sheila E. Murphy

Questions About the Stars and Other Matter: an Interview with Robyn Sarah
by Stephen Brockwell

A Goose in the Caboose: Ideas on the Sonnet
by Peter van Toorn

issue 4 Table of Contents
Appropriation of Frank O'Hara
by Steven J. Stewart

Hi, Fidelity! or Translating Fernando Pessoa: Felicity was Ever My Aim
by Erin Mouré

A Time and a Place: an Interview with Jonathan Bennett
by Stephen Brockwell
Sex at Thirty-One -- McKinnon, Fawcett, Gold, Stanley, etcetera
by rob mclennan

Vulnerability, Embarrassment and the Final Draft
by John Barton

issue 5 Table of Contents
William Hawkins: a Unique Voice in Canadian Poetry
by Roy MacSkimming

Plunderverse: A Cartographic Manifesto
by Gregory Betts

The Anonlinear Aesthetic
by Adam Seelig
Excerpts from a conversation between Nancy Holmes and Sharon Thesen
The Mimetic Music of Negation: The Imitation of Wallace Stevens in Robert Bringhurst's "Hachadura"
by Stephen Brockwell

The Trouble with Normal: Breathing Fire II, Pissing Ice and the State of Canadian Poetry
by rob mclennan

issue 6 Table of Contents
A Bridge to Naridive: The Poetry of Andrew Suknaski
by Kemeny Babineau

Modern Fiction & The Decay of History: bpNICHOL'S the true eventual story of billy the kid
by carl peters

Interview with Souvankham Thammavongsa
by Soraya Peerbaye
Writing a Long Poem for a Very Long Time
by Ken Norris

the stone-boat heart: letters to Andrew Suknaski
by rob mclennan

issue 7 Table of Contents
Ulterior Thule: Compulsion
by Phil Hall

The Vehicule Poets and Second Generation Postmodernism:
An Essay by Ken Norris,
With questions by Jason Camlot and Todd Swift

The Vehicule Poets
a collective essay written by the Vehicule poets

Introduction to The Collected Poems and Translations of Edward A. Lacey
by Fraser Sutherland

Love and Other Affairs
by John Newlove

an interview with Rachel Zucker
by rob mclennan

issue 8 Table of Contents
Notation for Willing suspension of belief
by Lawrence Upton
Phil Hall’s surrural: Ontario gothic, the killdeer, the music of failure and the distraction of shifting ground
by rob mclennan
A De Tour
by James Wilkes

Going ‘Round the Outside: Adam Dickinson
by Tim Conley
NAMING for Ricki Redhead
by Lawrence Upton

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