Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Salmon Publishing, Ireland; a note,

A little note from lovely Jessie, publisher of Salmon, who published one of my poetry collections last year, possibly publishing a selected poems of mine next; even though everyone is struggling, I still thought this worth posting;
Hello Everyone,

I'm sending this out to everyone in the Salmon address book; if you can pass it on, please do (please spread the word that your book can be purchased postage-free)

As you can imagine, this year is a very difficult one for all poetry presses, certainly we're finding it much harder than last year. Our book agent says that things are picking up, but bookshops are still slow in ordering and paying, and web orders are down. We need to bring in at least 5,000 euro in web sales and donations in the new few weeks.

So, here's the sales pitch: For a limited period we're offering free postage on all our books. This, along with the fall in value of the euro, makes for a great deal for buyers living abroad. Domestic buyers always get a good deal!

Do have a look and choose one, two or a few.
New & Recent Titles: http://www.salmonpoetry.com/bookshop2.php?c2=1
Current Poetry Titles: http://www.salmonpoetry.com/bookshop2.php?c2=2
Anthologies: http://www.salmonpoetry.com/bookshop2.php?c2=3
Essays & Memoir: http://www.salmonpoetry.com/bookshop2.php?c2=4
Drama for schools: http://www.salmonpoetry.com/bookshop2.php?c2=5

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