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YOU NEED TO PURCHASE BOOKS NOW FROM jwcurry, part two (part one here)

[photo from the last ottawa small press book fair]

Called “the best concrete and visual poet in Canada” as well as the third largest collector of small (& micro) press in Canada, Ottawa writer/editor/publisher/bookseller jwcurry is going through financial straits, so I am posting this list of some (selected) items you can purchase directly from his Room 302 Books; other items available by various writers such as Stuart Ross, bpNichol, Frank Zappa, Nicholas Power, Peggy Lefler, Nelson Ball, David UU, Daniel f. Bradley, Mark Laba, Lillian Necakov [see her 12 or 20 questions here], Steven Smith [see his 12 or 20 questions here], Laurie Fuhr, William Hawkins, Steve McCaffery, issues of Open Letter, The Berkeley Horse and others; check with curry directly for other lists, titles, etcetera. If you want to know more about some of jwcurry’s publications, check out the piece I wrote on him in Open Letter (or wait a few weeks for the same piece to run in my collection of literary essays); he’s an indispensable resource that isn’t taken advantage of nearly enough. Items run from into the hundreds of dollars to mere a penny; annual subscriptions available.

this list selected from 1 of 3 different catalogues (more to come later):

from list #10A, jwcurry, separate publications

139. JENNIFER BOOKS LTD. Ottawa, privately published, spring95. perhaps as many as 10 copies? 8 ½ x 6, photocopy broadside. a photograph by Stan Bevington retouched by Curry. $5.00
142. LAND IS DOWN. Toronto, Curvd H&, 8apr89 (Curvd H&z #394) 1/75 copies #d & signed. 28 pp/13 printed, rubberstamp. 5 ½ x 3, sewn wrappers. serial concrete & poetry. $125.00
149. (editor) LOG. Catalog Of The Travelling Exhivition 5 November 1994 - ?. 3rd edition, revised. Toronto, Room 302 Books, 10feb95. 1/26 lettered copies. 72 pp/66 printed, photocopy w/ 1 colour photocopy p, 2 rubberstamp, in rubberstamp cover unique to each. 8 ½ x 11, Japanese-sewn card covers w/ shaped colour photograph bound to cover & tucked in photocorners. photography. the contributors are Jennifer Books, Curry, Lance LaRocque, Gustave Morin, Brian Sale, Gio.Sampogna, Kim Thompson. documentation of the ongoing caboose project (all photographs “of or from cabeese” mounted in collage in further such cars), w/ lots of portraiture of the photographers, as well as of Nicky Drumbolis, Chris Kubsch & Pete Tibando. $45.00
151. logical sequence 7: a brief statement on a possibility of a planetary alignment. Toronto, Curvd H&z, 8mar80 (Curvd H&z #51. Pomez A Penny #31. Th Wrecking Ballzark #15) 1/50 copies. 4 pp/3 printed, rubberstamp w/ holograph addition interior. 2 ¾ x 3 1/2 , leaflet. a concrete poem. $5.00
156. (w/ Peggy Lefler) “ metro “. Oakland, Score, nov84 (Scorebroadsides #F) 1/100 copies. 8 ½ x 11, offset broadside. a concrete poem. preceded by its appearance as a poem by Lefler on a broadside in her Different Tenses &, w/ the addition of Curry’s pattern superimposition, as a street poster for – made from an overrun of covers to – David UU’s METROPOLIS. this 3rd edition considerably revises the form of the poem. minorly creased. $10.00
159. Moebuis & A Bottle. Vancouver, Blewointmentpress, 1977. 1/500 copies. 40 pp/32 printed, mimeo in offset cover. 5 ½ x 8 1/2 , stapled wrappers. poetry, w/ 2 graphics by Allan Rosen. $5.00
178. Peggy Lefler : exhibitionist. Toronto, Room 302 Book, 1dec93 (List #9) 1/127 trade copies. 20 pp printed, photocopy. 5 ½ x 8 ½, sewn wrappers. bibliographical sketch, w/ illuss. by Lefler, photoportrait by Curry & correspondence to Lefler by Bob Cobbing. $4.00
209. rubber stamped. Toronto, Room 302 Books, 12feb93 (List #8) 1/26 lettered copies of an edition totaling 27. 20 pp/12 printed, rubberstamp. 5 ½ x 8 ½, sewn wrappers. an examination of 8 works by 8 writers using rubberstamps as a means of composition. $10.00
216. Shant’s hat & other poems. Toronto, Best Copy & Curvd H&z, 23nov94 *Curvd H&z #433) of an edition totaling 115, 1/78 #d trade copies. 16 pp/11 printed, rubberstamp w/ photocopy addition to cover. 6 x 4, sewn wrappers. a poem, cover photography of Shant’s hat by Curry/Ahman Shehab. $7.50
220. (w/ Mark Laba) sinillogical translations volume 4: THE SINO-PARISIAN TRANSLATIONS. Madison, Xexoxial Editions, 1987. 32 pp/26 printed, photocopy. 5 ½ x 8 ½, stapled wrappers, poetry. in an endless series of made-to-order variants, this is, as far as I can tell, the 3rd distinct edition. the 1st is distinguishable by the presence of an eyeless greaseball in the rear, the 2nd replacing it with an enlargement of a photograph by Curry; both issued under the Xerox Sutra Editions imprint. this 3rd edition signals the loss of their battle with the Xerox corporation. cover collages by Miekal And/or Liz Was. in orange covers. $7.50
249. THE JWCURRY EXPERIENCE. interview by Chris Kubsch. Willowdale, Suburban Home(Made)Sick Press, nov94. 1/50 copies. 32 pp/29 printed, photocopy. 8 ½ x 11, side-stapled card covers. w/ a poem introduction by Kubsch, cover photoportrait of Curry by Lance LaRocque. $20.00
254. THE TWEEZE. Toronto, privately published, 17oct91. 1/6 copies #d & signed. 102 pp/44 printed, rubberstamp w/ some holograph additions & letterpress cover device. 4 ½ x 6, Japanese-sewn & glued in wrappers w/ tipped in hair. a letter to David UU w/ a bibliography of private editions, prefaced by an excerpt from a letter by UU. $400.00
257. THIRD TRAC(K)INGS. A Reading. Toronto, Torpor Vigil Industries, 1feb96. 1/58 coipes. 6 x 3 ¾, photocopy broadsheet. a photograph on face of flyer for Curry’s reading at Café Blancmange, 10feb96. a selfportrait. $4.50
279. (editor, w/ Nicholas Power & Steve Venright) VISITATIONS. Toronto, Gesture Press, 29aug84. 1/98 copies. 44 pp/31 printed, offset, mimeo, rubberstamp, typescript & silkscreen. 6 ½ x 9 ½, 12 leaves & variously-bound pamphlets & an acetate card in envelope. poetry & prose anthology issued to accompany a performance on the date of issue at The Groaning Board, Toronto, w/ contributions by the editors, Mark Laba, Steven Smith & George Swede. $40.00
284. (w/ Jennifer Books) !WE REMEMBER!. Ottawa & Toronto, Canadian Small Change Association, 8dec95. of an edition totaling 46, 1/43 signed trade copies. 8 pp printed, colour photocopy & rubberstamp. 5 x 3 ¼, leaflet. photocopy w/ open letter announcement of the impention of the ’95 HitList Variations series of unique books. mostly released in envelopes, stamped, addressed & mailed to the eventual recipients of the HitList, this is 1/13 copies released w/o envelopes. $25.00
286. (w/ George Swede) WHERE EVEN THE FACTORIES HAVE LAWNS. Toronto, Gesture Press, 16apr88. 1/100 cpoies. 32 pp/16 printed, mimeo & photocopy. 4 ½ x 7, stapled wrappers. poetry, cover photograph by Randall Brock.$4.00

write to jwcurry for this and other catalogues:
#302 – 880 Somerset Street West
Ottawa Canada K1R 6R7
(613) 233 0477

coming soon: selections of List #10C: jwcurry: contributions to periodicals and List #10-D: jwcurry: editorial responsibilies

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