Monday, August 24, 2009

some toronto;

Lainna and I wandering a week of Toronto, seeing what sites there to see, before everything begins: her school (Ryerson), my whatever-else. Wanderings to Toronto Island, a party hosted by Broken Pencil magazine, St. Lawrence Market, etcetera.

My wandering the next few Toronto months working on third novel, and a creative non-fiction follow-up to my McLennan, Alberta, which was a manuscript of pieces working through my Edmonton period; what has changed now that I'm in the Big Smoke?

But still back and forth to Ottawa for various readings, launches, workshops, what-not; second novel out this fall with The Mercury Press, The Toronto Small Press Fair, the ottawa small press book fair and writers festival, so Greyhound, at least, will be getting as much benefit of my travel as anyone else.

here's a small piece I've been noodling, the past few days:

lake nothing (draft)

a skyline pure of sky; the water, lakes
a nervous lap

between envy & the moon, financial districts
the cn tower blooms

in light-show nocturnes; you woke,
discovered stomach cramps & this,

quick glances down one side

basaltic rock you mention, standing
the circle stain

three hundred passing passing ships,
sails like silver, flags

a threadbare ease, a base of trees

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Conrad DiDiodato said...


a minimalism cut to the bone, and not a syllable to spare: and love the final line (internal rhymes that work!)