Monday, December 26, 2016

seeking interviews/interview pitches for queen mob's teahouse:

For those unaware, I've been 'interviews editor' for Queen Mob's Teahouse for a while now, and I am currently seeking interviews and/or interview pitches!

See a link to my interviews-to-date here, including a small handful conducted by myself.

Please send! I would love to see more interviews with poets, especially (but never exclusively) Canadian ones. Why do I see so few submissions from Canadians?

To know what I'm interested in, I wrote this for the Queen Mob's website, which I also replicate below:
I seek interviews, predominantly (but not exclusively) with poets. I am interested in an interview with someone who isn’t interviewed often, or an interview that works to ask new questions of a particular writer...Who haven’t we heard from yet? What writer, in your opinion, deserves further attention? I want readers to be able to gain insight and appreciation of a writer through the exchange.

If you are sending a query, let me know what else you’ve done and about the subject of your interview. If you are sending a finished interview, please send as .doc with a short introduction, a bio of the interviewer and a photo to include with piece.

Read what I have to say On the Art of the Interview at The Town Crier. Send submissions to rob [at]

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