Sunday, August 16, 2015

summer sandwich : Chaudiere Books’ month-long sale!

To make space for our upcoming fall titles (Andy Weaver, Jennifer Londry and Chris Turnbull), we’re running a summer sale! From August long weekend through to the end of Labour Day.

Summer sandwich: pick your toppings! Pick a bundle from our 2007-2014 backstock titles,

3 for $40 plus $10 mailing
5 for $60 plus $15 mailing
10 for $135 plus $20 mailing

OR: our entire backlist (18 titles; up to and including 2014 titles) for $300

Kiki, by Amanda Earl (poetry, 2014)
Singular Plurals, by Roland Prevost (poetry, 2014)
Garden, by Monty Reid (poetry, 2014)
The Uncertainty Principle: stories, by rob mclennan (fiction, 2014)
Ground rules: the best of the second decade of above/ground press 2003-2013, ed. rob mclennan (poetry, 2013)
Casemate Poems (Collected), by Joe Blades (poetry, 2011)
The Lizard and Other Stories, by Michael Bryson (short stories, 2010)
Been Shed Bore, by Pearl Pirie (poetry, 2010)
Soft Where, by Marcus McCann (poetry, 2009)
A Long Continual Argument: The Selected Poems of John Newlove (poetry, 2007)
Old Winter, by Anne Le Dressay (poetry, 2007)
The Ottawa City Project, by rob mclennan (poetry, 2007)
Decalogue 2: ten Ottawa fiction writers (2007)
Everything is Movies, by Nicholas Lea (poetry, 2007)
The Desmond Road Book of the Dead, by Clare Latremouille (novel, 2006)
Disappointment Island, by Monty Reid (poetry, 2006)
movement in jars, by Meghan Jackson (poetry, 2006)
Decalogue: ten Ottawa poets (2006)

Payable via cheque:
Chaudiere Books
2423 Alta Vista Drive
Ottawa ON K1H 7M9

or via paypal, to rob_mclennan (at)

And of course, keep appraised of our activities through the Chaudiere Books blog at! Any of our books can also be ordered via All Lit Up at

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