Tuesday, July 14, 2015

jwcurry's Room 302 Books offers its first e-list

jwcurry's Room 302 Books offers its first e-list of small press rarities, including works by 1. AYLWARD (David), BALL (Nelson), CRAVAN (Arthur), FOUR HORSEMEN (Rafael Barreto-Rivera, Paul Dutton, Steve McCaffery, bpNichol), GARNER (Don), HOUÉDARD (Dom Sylvester), KABIN (Marje), LABA (Mark), NICHOL (bp), ONDAATJE (Michael), POWER (Nicholas), SWEDE (George), UU (David), VALOCH (Jiri), ZAPPA (Frank), ALLAND (Sandra), BOOKS (Jennifer), DURR (Pat), FUJINO (David), GILBERT (Gerry), KILODNEY (Crad), LEFLER (Peggy), ROSS (Stuart), TRUHLAR (Richard), ZACHARIN (Noah), BALL (Nelson), COLEMAN (Victor), DEDORA (Brian), EVASON (Greg), FARRANT (M.A.C), HOOD (Wharton), JEWINSKI (Hans), SPARLING (Ken), ZELLER (Ludwig), AGUIAR (Fernando), BISSETT (Bill), CURRY (jw), DEAN (Michael), IRWIN (Marilyn), JOHNSTON (Brain David), LABA (Mark), MORIN (Gustave), NICHOL (bp), ORD (Douglas), PHILLIPS (David), RIDDELL (John), SHANGER (Gio) K, TALLMAN (Warren), MORIN (Gustave) B and WADE (Seth).

For a copy of the price list, email jwcurry directly at jwc3o2 [at] yahoo.com.

You can see previous of his lists here and here, as well as my piece on his archive posted earlier this year at Jacket2.

As he writes:
online picture-list #1 : some standards

this list's a first tester toward putting up a series of online lists through Flickr. since Flickr's not really supposed to be used for blatant advertising, prices must be left off, which is where this document with its accompanying links comes in. if y'r happy with a print list, here it is. if you want illustrations of the fronts of each of these titles (along with all the list text accompanying each image), they can be found at https://www.flickr.com/photos/48593922@N04/collections/72157654809545832

as per usual, orders should be directed to jwcurry & payment sent to our new address at #3o2 – 28 Ladouceur Avenue, Ottawa Canada K1Y 2T1. orders by regular mail accompanied by payment will not suffer a post & packing fee; all other orders will be dinged extra.

hours at the store, though it's still in serious disarray, can accommodate anytime visits; just be sure to call ahead (613 798 2522) to make sure i'm in & up.

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