Saturday, February 13, 2010

fwd; Priscila Uppal at the Vancouver Olympics;

Just so you know, there are apparently some positive things happening at this year's Olympics as well; here's a note from Toronto writer (pictured here at a recent reading at the University of Ottawa) Priscila Uppal.

Dear Friends,

Just wanted to let you know that I’m going to be acting as POET-IN-RESIDENCE for the Canadian Athletes Now Fund during the Olympics and Paralympics. I will be in Vancouver, celebrating with the athletes and their families, writing poems about them and winter sport and the games. This is a DREAM come true for me! If you are interested in reading or hearing some of the poems as they are published or broadcast, please check out my website or

for links throughout February and March.

Also, if the spirit moves you, please consider donating to the fund (they have given money to 80% of the Canadian winter athletes competing in Vancouver—minus the male hockey players—and boy do they need it. Many ranked in the top in the world have negative incomes, have used food banks, some have even lived in their cars. Also, this charity tells you the name of the athlete who received your donation, so you can cheer them on!).

Cheers and love,


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