Thursday, June 29, 2017

m a n y _ g e n d e r e d _ m o t h e r s : f o u r _ r e c e n t _ e s s a y s

many gendered mothers is a project on literary influence featuring short essays by writers (of any/all genders) on the women, femme, trans, and non-binary writers who have influenced them, as a direct or indirect literary forebear.

This project is directly inspired by the American website Literary Mothers, created by editor Nadxieli Nieto and managing editor Nina Puro. While we hope that Literary Mothers might eventually return to posting new pieces, our site was created as an extension and furthering of their project (in homage, if you will), and not meant as any kind of replacement.

We've now twenty-five essays posted! Our most recent include:
Andrea Nicki on Elly Danica

Sue Rainsford on Helen Cixous, Eimear McBride, Bhanu Kapil and Lidia Yuknavitch

Lorin Medley on H.D.

Terry Abrahams on Anne Carson
Please check out our submissions page for more information (we are seeking submissions!). We've even a Facebook page!

We are also still accepting signed books for our upcoming fundraiser! and check out our new Patreon page! All donations go directly to paying contributors.

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