Thursday, November 17, 2016

On beauty

It is impossible to remain still. I can’t remain still. I am a body in constant motion. Between baby, house, partner and writing, I am a body in constant motion, attempting two, three, four things simultaneously. I have always been capable at multi-tasking, but this is a new level. I bake as he sets down for lunch, and begin laundry and dishes as my wife attempts him down to sleep. I write an hour or two depending on the length and breadth of his nap.
I sketch a few lines in my notebook as he coos on his mat. Later on, I prepare dinner as they play together in the living room. Once dinner is made, set and sat, I prepare his bath and begin loading the dishwasher. As she watches him in the bath, I fold last night’s laundry and diapers before assisting with bedtime routines.

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