Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Touch the Donkey supplement: new interviews with Briante, beaulieu, Kaminski, Prevost, Ursuliak + hastain,

Anticipating the release next week of the fourth issue of Touch the Donkey (a small poetry journal), why not check out the interviews that have appeared over the past few weeks with contributors to the third issue: Susan Briante, derek beaulieu, Megan Kaminski, Roland Prevost, Emily Ursuliak and j/j hastain.

Interviews with contributors to the first three issues, as well, remain online: Catherine Wagner, Susanne Dyckman, Susan Holbrook, Julie Carr, David Peter Clark, Pearl Pirie, Eric Baus, Pattie McCarthy, Camille Martin and Gil McElroy.

The fourth issue features new writing by: Maureen Alsop, Stan Rogal, Laura Mullen, Jessica Smith, Lise Downe, Kirsten Kaschock, Gary Barwin, Chris Turnbull, Nikki Sheppy and Lisa Jarnot. And, once the new issue appears, watch the blog over the subsequent weeks and months for interviews with a variety of the issue's contributors!

And of course, copies of the first three issues are still very much available. Why not subscribe?

We even have our own Facebook group. What the what-what?

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