Wednesday, August 01, 2012

rob curates TRUCK during the month of August,

During the month of August, I’ll be curating Halvard Johnston’s blog, TRUCK, and daily posting new work by various Canadian writers.

Given that TRUCK originates “in the tri-state area,” I wanted to find a wide array of Canadian writers to introduce to American audiences, to further previous sections I’ve edited on and by Canadians such as the three features I edited for Jacket ("Some Canadian poets," "George Bowering at 70" and "Douglas Barbour at 70"), or dusie 10: the Canadian issue.

Be sure to check the site every morning to see just who might be featured, each with a poem, a bio and an attractive photo. The first poet is Nikki Reimer, recently returned to Calgary from Vancouver. Watch for new work over the coming days by Jake Kennedy and kevin mcpherson eckhoff, Camille Martin, Stan Rogal, Kathryn MacLeod, Natalee Caple, Gil McElroy, Monty Reid, Daphne Marlatt, Nathan Dueck, Amanda Earl, Sandra Ridley, Marilyn Irwin, Cameron Anstee and plenty of others. Enjoy!

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