Tuesday, August 23, 2011

New: rob mclennan's apertures, a free e-poetry collection from Argotist Ebooks

Now available from Jeffery Side's Argotist Ebooks (England), the e-poetry book apertures by Ottawa poet rob mclennan.

Available as a free ebook here:

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In apertures, the second book of poet rob mclennan's “the other side of the mouth” (the first appeared in limited edition through BookThug in 2003), he writes a variation on Vancouver writer George Bowering's Curious (Toronto ON: Coach House Press, 1974), a collection of poems composed for and about other poets. In apertures, mclennan composed pieces about the possessions of a variety of poets he has known, whether personally or only through their writings, over the past decade and a half. In eighty-four poems, mclennan writes the “stuff” of a list of both American and Canadian poets, riffing through each writer's individual language, resulting in a portrait of North American writing through the eyes of one of Canada's most active poet/critics.

Table of contents:
Elizabeth Bachinsky's love
Nelson Ball’s brevity
Ted Berrigan’s beard
Gregory Betts' plunder
Joe Blades’ river
Stephanie Bolster’s new house
Richard Brautigan’s appeal
Stephen Brockwell's notes
Colin Browne’s ground
rob budde’s north
Suzanne Buffam's intuition
Stephen Cain’s geography
Anne Carson’s age of man
Chris Chambers’ lake
Victor Coleman’s letter drop
Wayde Compton’s essential blues
Dennis Cooley’s permission
Margaret Christakos’ children
George Elliott Clarke’s song
Clark Coolidge’s diction
Robert Creeley’s maildrop
jwcurry’s gestetner
Bev Daurio’s soft speech
Frank Davey’s dogs
John Degen’s twins
Jason Dewinetz’s growth
Adam Dickenson’s envy
Lise Downe's metalwork
Susan Elmslie’s things
maria erskine’s grace
Jon Paul Fiorentino’s prairie
Judith Fitzgerald’s fire
Gerry Gilbert’s bicycle
Artie Gold’s allergies
Lea Graham's new dress
Gwendolyn Guth's melody
Phil Hall’s Ontario
Robin Hannah's grandfather
William Hawkins’ blueline cab
Michael Holmes' moves
Fanny Howe’s margins
Peter Jaegar’s drive
Roy Kiyooka’s hands
Tom Konyves’ watch
Robert Kroetsch’s Alberta notebooks
Clare Latremouille's kitchen
Dorothy Trujillo Lusk’s weird enterprise
Steve McCaffery’s sub/version
Gil McElroy’s astronomy
Don McKay’s birding
Barry McKinnon’s truck
Jay MillAr’s adventure stories
Sheila E. Murphy’s spatial/reading
John Newlove’s silence
Jena Osman’s zero
Aaron Peck’s dance
David Phillips' absence
K. I. Press’ book
Meredith Quartermain’s maps
Sina Queyras’ prose
Monty Reid’s bones
nikki reimer’s hair
Sandra Ridley's sediment
Stan Rogal’s myth-making
Lisa Samuels' move
Jordan Scott’s s-stutter
Jack Spicer’s Martians
Andrew Suknaski’s loping coyote lines
Cole Swensen’s territory
Sharon Thesen’s daydream
John Thompson’s ghazals
Dennis Tourbin’s view
Mark Truscott’s muse
Fred Wah’s breath
Andy Weaver’s shirt
Phyllis Webb's failure
Sheri-D Wilson’s image
Julia Williams’ flood
William Carlos Williams’ pad
C.D. Wright’s lost road
Rachel Zucker’s working note
Louis Zukofsky’s alphabet
Jan Zwicky’s sense

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