Friday, July 01, 2011

Happy Canada Day!

Hooray! One hundred and forty-four years since the enactment of the British North American Act, this day once known as "Dominion Day" (before Trudeau got that Constitution thing signed). One hundred and forty-four, which means Vancouver's Centennial baby, Pamela Lee Anderson (yes, that Pamela Lee Anderson) is forty-four years old today as well (why do I know that?). Happy Birthday, Pam. Anyone else?

Will we make it to David Scrimshaw's infamous Canada Day brunch? Will we wander over to Parliament Hill for various festivities and then fireworks, or simply hide out at the Dominion Tavern (a personal Canada Day favourite)? Will we make it to Pearl + Brian Pirie's get-together at their Byword Market-overlooking apartment? (This last one is the most likely)

Happy Canada Day. Oh, what a country.

Here's a quiz you can take.

I can't wait to start celebrating the 200th anniversary of the War of 1812 (what the Americans referred to as "Madison's War," which was unpopular in parts). Canada, the only country to have successfully (to my knowledge) rebuffed American invasion. No, you can't have Montreal. Or Toronto. We can burn down your White House again, you know.

President James Madison, who, among others, simply presumed (without asking) that we required "liberation" from the British. Who doesn't want to be American? (Apparently, all the English speaking and French speaking residents, as well as the Aboriginal groups.) War Correspondent Benjamin Franklin sending missives back from the occupied Montreal, shocked that they weren't greeted as liberators.

With 2012 approaching, I'm thinking of forming a group. We can walk south, and take something. An anniversary present, a gift to ourselves.

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