Thursday, July 28, 2011

fwd; Salmon 30th Anniversary Fundraising Raffle

Salmon 30th Anniversary Fundraising Raffle


One Grand Prize of all Salmon Poetry's 2011 titles, signed by the authors. The draw will take place at Salmon's 30th Anniversary Celebratory Event at the Unitarian Church, Dublin, on 1st November 2011. Don't pass up this opportunity to add considerably to your literary bookshelf with these stunning titles and support Salmon Poetry at the same time.

Winter Dogs – Drew Blanchard
Kentucky Derby – Andrea Cohen
•Guarding the Flame – Majella Cullinane.
Destiny In My Hands – Primrose Dzenga
The Mind – John Fitzgerald
Poems of Faith and Doubt – Gabriel Fitzmaurice
Early/Late: New & Selected Poems – Philip Fried
Daytime Astronomy – Paul Grattan
Unsweet Dreams: Poems of laughter, wit and sex – Anne Le Marquand Hartigan
Its Words You Want – Patrick Kehoe
Kidland & other poems – Paul Kingsnorth
Walking Here – Jessie Lendennie.
Fell Hunger – Joseph Lennon
Night Walk – John McKeown
Sky Thick With Fireflies – Ethna McKiernan
Mary: A Novel in Verse – Patricia Monaghan
Gods of Babel – Judith Mok
Session – Pete Mullineaux
House Of Bees – Stephen Murray
The Blue Guitar – Padraig O'Morain
As Much As – Allan Peterson
Witness Trees – Lorna Shaughnessy.
Mad for Meat – Kevin Simmonds
The Parrots of Villa Gruber Discover Lapis Lazuli – Julian Stannard
Stray Birds/Eanlaith Strae – Rabindranath Tagore with Irish translations by Gabriel Rosenstock
Night Horses – Ilsa Thielan.
The Geese at The Gates – Drucilla Wall
Sailing Lake Mareotis – Eamonn Wall
Ghost Estate – William Wall
Echoes of a River – Gordon Walmsley
Silent Music – Adam Wyeth

Your Paypal receipt is proof of entry. If you purchase 5 tickets for 5Euro, your name will be entered in to the draw 5 times. If you purchase 12 tickets for 10Euro, your name will be entered in to the draw 12 times.  Raffle closes 31st October 2011. Draw takes place 1st November 2011. Thanks so much for your support and the best of luck!

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