Monday, May 24, 2010

Pac Man, Ms. (a very short story)

First introduced in 1981, Ms. Pac-Man a year younger than counterpart, distinguished by pink apex bow. Long rumoured as husband-and-wife, one can presume that might make her Mrs. Pac-Man, instead. With more complex screens and player difficulty, what if she less a result of Adam’s one rib than a reversal of American duo The White Stripes? They told us the siblings Meg and Jack White once married, but now we know different. When you work together long enough, everyone presumes. There is the war, and then there is the war, tag-team rat-racing ghosts, alternately chasing, and chased. After thirty years working the family business, are Mr. And Ms. Pac-Man quietly, happily, married to others?


Lee-Anne said...

Too cute man of the non pac variety - this put a smile on my face as I pleasurably work on this gorgeous Victoria Day

gary barwin said...

My favourite incarnation of the game has sperm chasing an egg:

7th Shade said...

Nice story about the Pacs, but I'm afraid the Whites are in fact ex-spouses. Jack made up the sibling story for arcane reasons that he explains in an interview to Rolling Stone (August 2005).