Thursday, June 26, 2008


To the Respected Community,

This is our final message regarding Friday's Main Event. Never before have you seen two poets pitted in a no-holds barred, careerending debate - and chances are, you never will again!

Come out to Babylon Nightclub, 317 Bank Street, on Friday June 27th, from 7- 10:30 PM, and you'll be witness to history in the making, as rob mclennan and Nathaniel G. Moore decide the future of publishing.

Come to hear writers Jeffrey Ross, Steve Zytveld, Amanda Earl, Matthew Firth, Kate Heartfield, Darryl Berger, Christina Decarie, rob mclennan, and Nathaniel G. Moore give live readings before the THROWDOWN takes place.

Come to pick up the Spring 2008 issue of The Puritan: Ottawa's Literary Prose Journal, and meet the editors and staff!

This is your one chance to see something unbelievable and completely unexpected in the world of live readings. ON FRIDAY, JUNE 27th, someone's gonna retire as the Babylon explodes!

Catch up on the history of the THROWDOWN by watching these promotional
videos, brought to you by THE PURITAN.

Nathaniel G. Moore calls out rob mclennan - the video that started it all!

rob mclennan and Nathaniel G. Moore sign the official contract for the THROWDOWN - it's now legit!

Toronto CanLit weighs in on rob mclennan's chances of victory - with a special announcement from Nathaniel G. Moore!

rob mclennan finally responds to Nathaniel G. Moore!

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