Sunday, September 02, 2007

So I'm officially in Edmonton now...

Or at least for the next nine months; I don't get into my office to set my whole life (and work space) up until Tuesday (damn long weekend), but at least I'm here. If you have to get a hold of me for any reason, write me c/o University of Alberta, 3-5 Humanities Centre, Edmonton AB T6G 2E5 (office ph# 780 492 7820).

Hopefully get back to being online and useful in a few days, once I get a proper computer to play with, get back to work on, etcetera. Already got a few things up at the Alberta, Writing blog, and hopefully more soon (about a half dozen people out here already claiming they'll write pieces for same, soon, including derek beaulieu, Todd Babiak, my new best friend Janice Williamson, Shawna Lemay and Christine Stewart). Other Edmonton events here./

But worry not; I have some pieces still working on for that ottawa poetry newsletter, another issue of forthcoming, and the fourth issue of ottawater (nearly finished) out in January. Also, I should have the date of the next ottawa small press book fair (will post info here on new small press book fair blog hopefully in a few days...) confirmed soon (hoping for end of October, just after the ottawa international writers festival...).

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