Wednesday, November 02, 2016

by request : Rose and Aoife's Hallowe'en (multiple) outfits,

Since more than a couple folk have requested, here are photos of our young ladies in most of their multiple Hallowe'en outfits. Yes, multiple. From Monday morning to Tuesday, Rose, for example, was dressed as a Fox (for Monday preschool), a monkey (after school) and a unicorn (which she referred to as a "dragon unicorn"), a butterfly (for trick-or-treating), a flower (first thing Tuesday morning) and a ballerina (for Tuesday preschool).

Aoife, it would seem, has nearly the same amount of outfits (the Dalek outfit was knitted for Rose 2 years ago by Christine's cousin Carla). As well, they both woke me over the weekend dressed as butterflies.

Not every costume managed a photo, so there are still photos to someday catch of Rose as a monkey, and Aoife as a unicorn and butterfly (yes, they both have their own monkey, unicorn and butterfly outfits). I suspect over the next few years, their dress-up trunk will overflow!

Aoife and I remained home on Monday night to catch trick-or-treaters (we had sixteen, which is actually double what we had last year) as Christine took Rose to her swimming lesson (she insisted upon going) before trick-or-treating around our neighbourhood.

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