Thursday, April 21, 2011

AngelHousePress' meta-ditch response anthology now on-line

AngelHousePress responses to poetry published on ditch: the poetry that matters, is now online,
lovingly edited + compiled by Amanda Earl

Márton Koppány on Marcia Arietta;
Jamie Bradley on Gary Barwin;
Caleb JW Brasset on Kane X. Faucher and Jamie Bradley;
John M. Bennett on Daniel f. Bradley;
Mary Kasimor on Nathalie Stephens;
Christine McNair on Amy Dennis;
Sheila E. Murphy on Camille Martin;
Sean Moreland on rob mclennan;
Lily Robert-Foley on Nathalie Stephens;
rob mclennan on Natalie Simpson;
Marilyn R. Rosenberg on Erin Moure;
Sandra Ridley on Christine McNair and Pearl Pirie;

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