Friday, April 15, 2011

National Poetry Month; Amanda Earl's AngelHousePress

In case you've missed it, a note from Amanda Earl on National Poetry Month!

This year's celebrates visual poetry from collage, asemic writing, comics, concrete, crotcheted poems, to found poems, poems based on imaginary quilting patterns and more. Poets from Austria, Canada, Finland, France, Hungary, and the USA. contributed to this year, reminding us that poetry transcends all boundaries, including geographic. I hope you enjoy this month's tribute to what sometimes seems to me to be an unsung poetic form, the visual poem.

Throughout the month of April, will feature a visual poem a day by Eric Zboya, Camille Martin, Gil McElroy, Márton Koppány, Matthew Stolte, Reed Altemus, Satu Kaikkonen, mIEKAL aND, andrew topel, Bob Grumman, Helen Hajnoczky, Joel Lipman, Aileen Beno, Vern Frazer, Bill DiMichele, Chad Lietz, Anatol, Christine McNair, Gary Barwin, Pearl Pirie, John M. Bennett, Marcus McCann, Geof Huth, John C. Goodman, derek beaulieu, Megan Zucher, Sheila E. Murphy, Lily Robert-Foley, kevin mcpherson eckhoff, and Michèle Provost. Enjoy!

thanks to all who submitted work to this year.

Amanda Earl
the angel is in the house

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