Monday, December 05, 2022

introducing : rob's substack,

I started a substack recently: a space through which I'll be posting short essays (and the occasional other pieces), in part as a way to prompt me to more seriously work on a book-length essay I've had in my head over the past couple of years (a book-length essay on literary citizenship, structurally prompted, in part, through Wave Books' Bagley Wright Lecture Series titles). I've been making scattered notes since 2021, but hadn't really sat down to solidify any of it, so perhaps this will be what helps push that along.

Basically, pieces-as-posted are emailed directly to your in-box, and I'm aiming to post one a week or so, attempting to treat the project as a kind of weekly column. There are paid and free options, and I'm aiming possibly for every third piece to go out only to paid subscribers (given I have to make an income at something, I suppose). I already have nearly fifty subscribers signed up, including three of which that are paid, so it will be curious to see how this all evolves. Given the positive response I've been getting to my essays in the face of uncertainties (Mansfield Press, 2022) (launching in Toronto tonight, by the way), which is itself a book-length essay, a book-length thought, I'm curious to see where else I can go with the form. What else is possible?

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