Friday, December 25, 2009

another christmas in old glengarry (sick);

And my sister's kids certainly seem happy. The oldest, Emma, just turned six, which she sang a little bit, even, when she was reminded; I'm six, she sang. Rory is three, and Duncan is about eighteen months. My lovely daughter Kate bought them all animal hats that they didn't really take off for most of the afternoon (Kate has one too, but hers have devil horns; of course). Family and dinner and gifts and all that.

Except I'm sick, and barely able to function. Barely able to sleep, but can't keep myself awake. High fever, can't eat. My Kate here a day and barely able to interact, and now, might be trapped here another day, with the threat of freezing rain coming down on eastern Ontario tomorrow?

Ah, what the hell. With all the stress I've had lately, perhaps this is the best thing I can do. Sit around my parents' house taking tylonol and orange juice and feeling generally hazy. I don't have pills or orange juice (or internet) at home. But at least I have better tv.

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