Sunday, January 27, 2008

sick notes;

the worst part about being sick (I've been laid out with some damn sinus/lung thing since Tuesday) is not remembering anything about when you weren't sick. ugh. It seems I've been completely useless for anything but dragging my sorry carcass down to the University and checking my email; at least in Ottawa, I can call people and complain (I don't have a home phone here).

But enough about me.

This kid seems to like John Newlove; here too. Will we see you at the Edmonton launch?

Did you know the Black Dog caught fire? Wharton wrote about the last reading. I'm hearing it could be out for about a month or so, which means I'm going to need a new venue for at least the next one.

Ron Silliman was nice enough to give a shout out to my 12 or 20 questions; I wish I could hear Kate Greenstreet read again; apparently I'm #1 in San Francisco; and did you know I'm reading in Calgary soon?

That Pearl Pirie was nice enough to take a couple photos (Rhonda Douglas and Monty Reid) at the ottawater launch I missed.

Apparently (I just got a phone call) I'm now going out for soup, so I "don't get pneumonia" (it's -20-something here today and evil snowing; why did I even come in?);

I'm hoping by tomorrow this will be out of my system; I haven't been able to concentrate on anything all week...

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