Friday, December 21, 2007

newly released: #8
Notation for Willing suspension of belief by Lawrence Upton

Phil Hall’s surrural: Ontario gothic, the killdeer, the music of failure and the distraction of shifting ground by rob mclennan

A De Tour by James Wilkes

Going ‘Round the Outside: Adam Dickinson by Tim Conley

NAMING for Ricki Redhead by Lawrence Upton

all previous issues still up at, including pieces on/by John Newlove, Rachel Zucker, rob mclennan, the Vehicule Poets, Carl Peters, kemeny babineau, John Barton, Erin Moure, Sharon Thesen, Adam Seelig, Gregory Betts, Andy Weaver, natalie stephens, Jon Paul Fiorentino, David McGimpsey, Margaret Christakos, Gil McElroy, etcetera.

eds. Stephen Brockwell & rob mclennan
managing editor + web design, Roland Prevost

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