Wednesday, April 26, 2006

peanut butter & jellyfish
(for diana hartog

That's why I thought, music. Sharps and flats on paper, but in the air, floating, what harm?
— Diana Hartog, Ink Monkey

apart from the suggestion
of what should or shouldnt
a mountainside compels
adhesive, a clarity freshens song

radio waves a breath through water, air

at the long sault, drowned trees would waterlog,
free the roots, to send them shooting
straight up (buoyant) missiles

through boats, ste lawrence seaway

for those who cant sleep at night
or tween cartoons, commercials, the butterknife

so busy in the field

supposedly love, scaffolding & mason

just standing there; a prop
of floating still

would be home often be

peanut butter mark & jelly
on the surface of her belly

or on the surface looks so calm

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