Friday, April 21, 2006

hotel thursday (breakdown)
(from "sequence")
I was straining to enlarge a compromise
when the context vanished.
— Lisa Robertson, The Apothecary

ever if function a style; off riding a canyon

ever if quarantine your minivan coffeeshop
, budget the bone

ever if water rock, my daybreak dreams
of long slave

ever if temples of sex diminish, collapse
under intemperate weight, a thousand

points of time like a fish

ever if on the skin & bleeding, sweat

ever if violence, a year listening, delivered; landscapes
capped suspension

ever if principled, the conifers milk mornings

ever if the medium betrayed strong taste

ever if mobile streamlined, her phone message
gasps, intoxicating

ever if wordspeed & release

ever if the knife my throat you speak; the
stone in my stomach, rises

ever if the light shines

ever if ticket a chocolate love in the first place

ever if mornings would melt

ever if temples, temptations; creature noise
& desultory speech

ever if whether nice weather

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