Wednesday, February 24, 2016

University of Alberta writers-in-residence: a reading/conference and new chapbook of short fiction,

In 2015-16 the Writer-in-Residence Program at the University of Alberta celebrates its 40th year of existence. This is the longest lasting program of its kind in Canada, and to honour that achievement in March this year, they are holding a three-day gathering of former writers-in-residence from across Canada (including me!).

March 3-5, 2016
Edmonton AB
University of Alberta

Of course, I've produced a chapbook for the event (naturally), which is now available:

Four Stories
rob mclennan

Character sketch” appeared online in Atlas Review (Brooklyn NY). “A short film about my father” appeared online in Douglas Glover’s Numero Cinq (New York State). “Silence” appeared online in Control Lit Mag (US). “The City is Uneven” appeared in PRISM International (Vancouver BC).

If you are interested in a copy, let me know!

Canadian orders ($5 Canadian)

US orders ($5 US)

International orders ($7 US)

You can see the schedule of events for the 40th anniversary Writer-in-Residence Celebration at:

Writers Attending:
Gary Geddes, Tom Wayman, Daphne Marlatt, Leona Gom, Fred Wah, Kristjana Gunnars (see her chapbook I've produced for such here), Di Brandt, Marilyn Dumont, Caterina Edwards, Curtis Gillespie, Merna Summers, Trevor Ferguson, Thomas Wharton, Catherine Bush, Tim Bowling, Tim Liburn, rob mclennan, Richard van Camp, Marina Endicott, Erin Moure (see her chapbook I've produced for such here) and Fred Stenson.

Also, you can find the ongoing series of interviews I've been doing with a number of the other writers-in-residence at:

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